by Jake Briggs

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May 22, 2015 @ The Symposium in cleveland


released June 2, 2015

All songs - Jake Briggs




Jake Briggs Minneapolis, Minnesota

I grew up in Wooster, Ohio. I am working towards being a pianist/ composer/ recitalist, but I work a lot as a church and theater accompanist on piano and organ, and worship leader, playing the guitar. I also DJ, teach, improvise and play jazz, and perform regularly with other bands. ... more

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Track Name: Selfiecide
You do it at a party before you go home,
you get a shock from your cellular phone
then right at the moment of death
you get a selfie of your very last breath.
That's how I wanna die X 2

You only die once, why should you
die in a nursing home
die in an auto accident
die from a cancerous mole
die from living on the street
die from taking too many drugs
die from talking back to the police
it's a fucked up world we gotta get out of

(guitar solo)

So take a selfiecide, oh, selfiecide
I take a picture and I close my eyes
selfiecide, oh, selfiecide, That's how I wanna die
That's how I wanna die X 2
Track Name: White Girl
get a white girl to sell it?
or something like that.
Track Name: Waiting on You
It seems everything I do
is just a waste of time
till i'm waking up next to you
and I see that look in your eye:

I'm waiting on you
mama, I'm waiting on you
what a silly thing to make me go and do
I'm waiting on you

It must feel so nice
have somebody so sweet on you
make you feel so right
I just want to please you all the time
you get to pick and choose, baby, that's all right
Track Name: don't worry, be lonely
such a pretty mouth, how she breathes i don't know how
hardly ever makes a sound 'cept right before she smiles
and those pale green skies she keeps inside her eyes
tell me the sweetest lies 'specially when she doesn't want 'em to

just the way it seems to me it's all pillow talk and poetry
cold as the winter breeze in the woods behind her house
soft, wet, and grey, the snow melts away
we lived another day just to say goodbye

don't worry 'bout me girl,
just because I was lonely till you came around
don't worry 'bout me girl,
i'll never die the way I'm living now

and i believe every jigsaw puzzle is racist
i believe every dollar used to be a dime
i don't want to wonder what it's like waking up here without you
but the universe is going to make me change my mind
Track Name: Good Graces
I feel like i'm forgetting the words to this song already
bodies, faces, and places and steady adrenaline
pumping through my veins
I'm sick of people saying they're making their own luck
I want to instigate a revolution against the institution
that has stuck me here

I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna fall
I don't wanna fall out of your good graces
Track Name: Coming down
I wish I could give you both of my ears
maybe then you would hear how you sound
I wish I could give you both of my eyes
maybe then you would see what you look like

Why don't you come down from your cloud?
You must be on some kind of drug I haven't heard of X2

blah blah blah blah
Track Name: bookmark
I still get sad sometimes,
I still get mad sometimes,
but I will be o.k. someday
when I think of how you threw me away

I called your name like a frightened child
you held my hand just like a crossing guard
you stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away
with so much left to say

I still cry sometimes,
I still get high sometimes,
but I will be o.k. someday
when I think of how you threw me away
Track Name: Outside
I went outside today
so many wasted hours
I went outside today
I went outside today

It's not like what they say
there's nothing to fear
(mumble mumble)
I went outside today